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Personal Wayfinding: Your Thoughts as Maps 

Even after combing over almost every surface of the planet, humans continue to be fascinated by maps. Their ability to visually display how we perceive our surroundings compels us to constantly evaluate our environments. In her book Mapping Manhattan: A Love (And Sometimes Hate) Story in Maps, Becky Cooper collects 75 hand-filled maps of Manhattan …

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Data Visualization + Learning: 5 Examples from EdLab  ☆

How can data be visualized to aid learning? Come check out our newest exhibition on the 3rd floor of the Gottesman Library open January 23 - May 31, 2012. Data visualization + Learning features five pieces by the Library’s design team. They are visual explorations of data related to educational research and practice:  usage patterns …

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A Techrospective Infographic 

Check out this timeline from Udemy called 2011: Techrospective. It's a review of the biggest tech news of 2011, posted on Udemy's blog. It's a fairly simple interactive infographic if compared with others we've reviewed here, but I choose to feature it because it comes from an educational platform and because it's a neat model …

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Visualizing Paper Genealogy 

Justin Matejka is a Research Assistant at Autodesk Research, a firm dedicated to innovation in digital prototyping, visualization, and simulation tools and techniques toward advancing design. As part of the Visualization and Learning projects, Matejka created Citeology, a complex interactive visualization of the relationship between research papers through citations. It is accompanied …

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Envisioning Technology 

Michell Zappa has a professional appetite for visualizing the future of technology. This is good for the rest of us, really, because as the world is being overrun by application developments that I personally just can't keep pace with, we're all unavoidably affected by it. The internet, robotics, biotech, energy, space, artificial intelligence--the new technological …

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The Growth of Newspapers Across the United States 

At a time when debates about the future of news, changes in press economics and new multimedia and mobile technologies are proliferating, it's easy to forget that newspapers have been (and are still) pretty ubiquitous across the United States. And perhaps especially because of these very debates, it's worth taking a look at the history …

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Visualizing a Learning Environment 

In an educational environment that's rich in technology, regular evaluation of how programs are going is extremely important--as important as staying afloat of new developments in technology. How can design help with these evaluations? Check out this article about how Interactive Things helped the Zurich International School on that very project. The Zurich International School

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Mapping Words 

Check out these word-mapping projects: digital vocabulary development through interactive design! Each project is slightly different from the next, but all highlight the potential of mapping words to facilitate aesthetic learning. A Visual Thesaurus Thinkmap, Inc. develops and markets software that uses visualization to facilitate communication and education. One of their projects is the Visual …

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World of 100 

Even when statistics are clearly represented as visuals, understanding data is difficult. We're not so naturally inclined to to understand statistics in relation to our personal, daily lives. An emerging method of providing people with the tools to achieve that contextual understanding is through interactive graphics, such as the 9/11+ME project (which uses Facebook or …

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The Vertical Village 

How can design adequately address social and cultural issues? Check out this fantastic project by MVRD, a Dutch architectural office that has boldly and beautifully addressed an issue of urbanization in East Asia. In recent years, many cities in East Asia have been experiencing pressure to accomodate the influx of people into cities. In an <a …

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