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A Visual Timeline: Famous Fiction Predicting the Future 

Whether we are capable of warp speed in space, relying on androids or doomed to a barren apocalypse, humans cannot resist predicting their future.┬áIn this beautiful timeline, Italian visualization artist Giorgia Lupi takes famous novels of the past and shows how their plots and characters map out our future. Using an incredibly intricate system, Lupi …

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A Techrospective Infographic 

Check out this timeline from Udemy called 2011: Techrospective. It's a review of the biggest tech news of 2011, posted on Udemy's blog. It's a fairly simple interactive infographic if compared with others we've reviewed here, but I choose to feature it because it comes from an educational platform and because it's a neat model …

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Envisioning Technology 

Michell Zappa has a professional appetite for visualizing the future of technology. This is good for the rest of us, really, because as the world is being overrun by application developments that I personally just can't keep pace with, we're all unavoidably affected by it. The internet, robotics, biotech, energy, space, artificial intelligence--the new technological …

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