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Writing Without Words  ☆

Stefanie Posavec is a London-based artist (originally from Colorado), who's created a number of fantastically original projects--many related to literature. Especially marvelous is her series, Writing Without Words, in which she visualizes differences in the writing styles of various modern classic authors. Interestingly, she does most of her work by hand. The Project A large portion of …

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Envisioning Technology 

Michell Zappa has a professional appetite for visualizing the future of technology. This is good for the rest of us, really, because as the world is being overrun by application developments that I personally just can't keep pace with, we're all unavoidably affected by it. The internet, robotics, biotech, energy, space, artificial intelligence--the new technological …

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Visualizing a Learning Environment 

In an educational environment that's rich in technology, regular evaluation of how programs are going is extremely important--as important as staying afloat of new developments in technology. How can design help with these evaluations? Check out this article about how Interactive Things helped the Zurich International School on that very project. The Zurich International School

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Mapping Words 

Check out these word-mapping projects: digital vocabulary development through interactive design! Each project is slightly different from the next, but all highlight the potential of mapping words to facilitate aesthetic learning. A Visual Thesaurus Thinkmap, Inc. develops and markets software that uses visualization to facilitate communication and education. One of their projects is the Visual …

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World of 100 

Even when statistics are clearly represented as visuals, understanding data is difficult. We're not so naturally inclined to to understand statistics in relation to our personal, daily lives. An emerging method of providing people with the tools to achieve that contextual understanding is through interactive graphics, such as the 9/11+ME project (which uses Facebook or …

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The Vertical Village 

How can design adequately address social and cultural issues? Check out this fantastic project by MVRD, a Dutch architectural office that has boldly and beautifully addressed an issue of urbanization in East Asia. In recent years, many cities in East Asia have been experiencing pressure to accomodate the influx of people into cities. In an <a …

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The Radioactive Orchestra 

Visualize how energy moves, specifically, radioactive energy. Difficult? We know that a microwave oven emits radiation (and it's not good for us). We know that atoms decay at different rates. But imagining what these processes look like? Difficult...unless you come up with a really creative audio-visual data art project called the Radioactive Orchestra. Liselotte Herlitz …

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