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Visualizing the UNDP Human Development Report 

On November 2, 2011, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released its newest Human Development Report, which provides a comprehensive data set on the overall well-being of nations. An important focus of the report is that the challenges of sustainability and equity are interlinked and therefore must be addressed together.  It includes …

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Envisioning Technology 

Michell Zappa has a professional appetite for visualizing the future of technology. This is good for the rest of us, really, because as the world is being overrun by application developments that I personally just can't keep pace with, we're all unavoidably affected by it. The internet, robotics, biotech, energy, space, artificial intelligence--the new technological …

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World of 100 

Even when statistics are clearly represented as visuals, understanding data is difficult. We're not so naturally inclined to to understand statistics in relation to our personal, daily lives. An emerging method of providing people with the tools to achieve that contextual understanding is through interactive graphics, such as the 9/11+ME project (which uses Facebook or …

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The Vertical Village 

How can design adequately address social and cultural issues? Check out this fantastic project by MVRD, a Dutch architectural office that has boldly and beautifully addressed an issue of urbanization in East Asia. In recent years, many cities in East Asia have been experiencing pressure to accomodate the influx of people into cities. In an <a …

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Picturing Urban Decay 

Derek Watkins is a graduate student of geography at the University of Oregon. Stemming from his research interests in place, culture, representation, technology, and cartography, he has created this intriguing visualization entitled "Picturing Urban Decay...An Exploration of Blight as Depicted Through Online Photography," posted on his blog. The piece is accompanied by an equally intriguing …

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Visualizing the Voices of Vulnerable Populations in Times of Global Crisis 

During the summer of 2010, UN Global Pulse, an innovation initiative in the Executive Office established by the Secretary-General, launched an unprecedented, large-scale SMS survey to participants in 5 countries around the world: India, Iraq, Mexico, Uganda, and Ukraine. The study aimed to gather data about how people in these different regions are coping with …

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