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Data Visualization + Learning: 5 Examples from EdLab  ☆

How can data be visualized to aid learning? Come check out our newest exhibition on the 3rd floor of the Gottesman Library open January 23 - May 31, 2012. Data visualization + Learning features five pieces by the Library’s design team. They are visual explorations of data related to educational research and practice:  usage patterns …

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Writing Without Words  ☆

Stefanie Posavec is a London-based artist (originally from Colorado), who's created a number of fantastically original projects--many related to literature. Especially marvelous is her series, Writing Without Words, in which she visualizes differences in the writing styles of various modern classic authors. Interestingly, she does most of her work by hand. The Project A large portion of …

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A Year in Review  ☆

Well, not quite a whole year. For the past four months we've been reviewing data art projects from around the web. In 2012, we hope to further our discussion on the educational value of data art. Until then, here's an overview of what we've covered so far. We've bookmarked many other interesting projects so look …

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