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The Growth of Newspapers Across the United States 

At a time when debates about the future of news, changes in press economics and new multimedia and mobile technologies are proliferating, it's easy to forget that newspapers have been (and are still) pretty ubiquitous across the United States. And perhaps especially because of these very debates, it's worth taking a look at the history …

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A Republican Primary Debate Visualized 

Organizing and visualizing information is not easy. If you're successful, the data can take on a whole new set of perspectives and reach wider audiences in more colorful ways (quite literally). Or, it can produce a pretty picture that is impossible to extract data from. Gregory Hubacek is a freelance designer in Los Angeles who …

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9/11 Plus Me 

Many news organizations are beginning to feature interactive graphics online to come up with alternative ways of presenting complex data. As part of its Project for 9/11, newspaper USA TODAY launched an interactive graphic on its website called 9/11 Plus Me. Created by a team of editors, web developers and designers, the graphic is a …

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